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Hotshot Trucking Services for the Permian Basin

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Javelina provides hotshot trucking services for the oil & gas fields of the Permian Basin. Our hotshot truck operators are skilled, experienced, and will make sure your tools and materials are delivered on-time to prevent unnecessary lapses in service of your field operations.

At Javelina, we provide our customers with emergency trucking service for those working in the oil & gas fields. We deliver the parts, tools, and other important material that are needed during any time of the day, no matter if it’s the earliest hours in the morning or the late hours of the night. We’ll be there with our 247 trucking.

What Is Hotshot Trucking?

In their purest form, our hotshots are either a one-ton or medium duty truck that will pull a trailer to get that time-sensitive load to its intended destination on time. These loads can be within a 100 mile radius or on the opposite ends of the Permian Basin.

Javelina hotshot truck with trailer load

The biggest advantage that our hotshots have over other forms of trucking is that we aren’t on a set schedule. Javelina can be called anytime for your 247 trucking needs. We are skilled and ready to haul your thousand pounds of pipe or your needed piece of equipment in a moments notice.

Hotshot Trucking In Oil & Gas Fields

When your equipment breaks while you’re drilling an oil field, you’re losing money. The job you’re supposed to be doing isn’t getting done, which is why it’s so important that you get a replacement for the equipment that was broken in the most timely manner possible. Hotshot trucking gives you that quick-turnaround that you need so your field remains in operation.

Our Process

  • Call us at (318) 426-8298 or contact us online to schedule 24/7 hotshot trucking services to maintain the efficiency of your field operations.
  • We show up at the agreed-upon date and time with the load in-tow, and/or to load up what needs to be hauled away.
  • All necessary work is performed by our experienced hotshot truck operators and field service crews.

Service Area

Javelina provides 247 hotshot trucking services for oil and gas fields within the entirety of the Permian Basin. The following is a list of cities and surrounding areas we commonly deploy our hotshot truck operators to:

  • Midland, TX
  • Odessa, TX
  • Monahans, TX
  • Pecos, TX
  • Andrews, TX
  • Big Lake, TX
  • Crane, TX
  • San Angelo, TX

Contact Us Today!

When you choose our team at Javelina Field Services, you’ll get skilled hotshot trucking operators to serve your emergency, 247 trucking needs. Call us today to schedule service at (318) 426-8298.