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Vacuum Trucking Services for the Permian Basin

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Javelina provides vacuum trucking services for the oil & gas fields of the Permian Basin. Our vacuum truck operators are skilled, experienced, and will make sure your fluids are removed and transported with care to maintain efficiency in your field operations.

Vacuum trucks can be used for a variety of purposes in the oil and gas industry. They can be very handy if you need to wash out a tank, store liquid, transport liquid, or clean up spills. Vacuum trucks have a pump that has the capability to suck up liquids and even mud and other semi-solids without the need for additional machinery. These trucks are also equipped with a large tank that can store these liquids and transport them to a suitable location for disposal.

There are several different types of vacuum trucks that are each specially designed for slightly different purposes or to work with different materials. Yet all make water hauling and liquid hauling much easier than any other type equipment. Vacuum trucking is a vital part of the process of running a field in the oil and gas industry. Javelina understands this and have properly equipped trucks for common services.

Our Process

  • Call us at (318) 426-8298 or contact us online to schedule vacuum trucking services for your field operations.
  • We show up at the agreed-upon date and time with the right crew and the right vacuum trucks for the job.
  • All necessary work is performed by our experienced vacuum truck operators and field service crews.
  • Water and oil hauling, spill cleanups, and other vacuum-truck related services along with hauloff of fluids to your disposal facilities are all within reach.

Service Area

Javelina provides vacuum trucking services for oil and gas fields within the entirety of the Permian Basin. The following is a list of cities and surrounding areas we commonly deploy our vacuum truck operators to:

  • Midland, TX
  • Odessa, TX
  • Monahans, TX
  • Pecos, TX
  • Andrews, TX
  • Big Lake, TX
  • Crane, TX
  • San Angelo, TX

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When you choose our team at Javelina Field Services, you’re hiring a skilled and experienced vacuum trucking provider that will get your job done on-time the first time. To schedule a service, call us at (318) 426-8298 or contact us online.