Roustabout Crews

Javelina Roustabout Crews

Javelina provides trained roustabout crews for the majority of the services we offer. They assist in a variety of tasks that are common in the oil & gas industry from pipe cleaning, gate repairs, fence building, road maintenance, trash removal, pit clean-outs, rig washing, and onsite tank clean out. We offer our services to those within the Big Lake and surrounding areas in Texas.

Primary Responsibilities

Roustabout crews are typically employed to work for oil companies. Some of the main tasks that they are assigned to complete, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, are cleaning equipment and tools such as pumps, drills, and other machinery while keeping the work area orderly and clean as well. They’re also in charge of the use of truck winches and motorized lifts to clear debris and loose pipe. They also use this equipment to load, stack, and unload materials and other equipment. Roustabout crews are also responsible for moving equipment and other supplies to work sites. They’re responsible for the repair, dismantling, servicing, and assembly of machinery and equipment on an oil field.

Secondary Tasks

Other more minor tasks that a roustabout is responsible for include working with gin-pole truck operators and crane operators. They guide the operators and connect the lifting slings to the load. They’re also responsible for making the drilling mud, which is what is used to lubricate the machinery (particularly the drill) so it can bore into the ground. Roustabout crews that work on offshore rigs are responsible for keeping the vessel in working order by painting, scraping, and cleaning the work areas, the deck, and the equipment.

Drill Operations and Other Tasks

When it is needed, a roustabout can assist in drill operations with other crew members. They are in charge of the inspections and walk flow lines to ensure there are no leaks. If there are leaks, they’re in charge of repairing them. They repair the leaks by tightening the pipes and making the other necessary repairs. They clean up any spilled hazardous liquid to ensure that there is no ground contamination. When asked, roustabouts assist other crew members in drill operations. A roustabout crew is also responsible for digging drainage ditches so the spill doesn’t flow freely.

Tools Used

When they’re working, roustabouts utilize a wide range of tools. They’re required to wear boots, earmuffs, goggles, gloves, and hard hats for their own protection. When they work they might have to use any of the following power tools, electric sanders, hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches, safety hooks, safety belts and harnesses, oxygen gas analyzers, and hoists. They also have to use computers and be familiar with computer software to log maintenance work, write reports, and manage projects.

Our Process

  • Call us at (318) 426-8298 or contact us online to schedule spill containment installation, spill clean-up or other related field services.
  • We show up at the agreed-upon date and time with tools and materilas in-tow to perform the spill containment services for your field operations.
  • All necessary work is performed by our experienced field service crews.
  • Any Your tanks can then be transported to a new location if necessary, hauled-off completely, and/or setup for additional use.

Service Area

Javelina provides roustabout crews for hire for oil and gas fields within the entirety of the Permian Basin. The following is a list of cities and surrounding areas we commonly dispatch our crews to:

  • Midland, TX
  • Odessa, TX
  • Monahans, TX
  • Pecos, TX
  • Andrews, TX
  • Big Lake, TX
  • Crane,
  • San Angelo, TX

Contact Us Today!

Our roustabout team at Javelina Field Services have their H2S certifications, meaning that they are up-to-date on safety in their workplace. Their experience and knowledge make them the perfect fit for any oil field. You can trust that they know what they’re doing. If you live in Big Lake or the areas surrounding it, call our roustabout team for your spill containment needs.